Smile Design

eXact Fully Guided
Surgical System

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Hybridge Clinical Workflows

Why Hybridge Clinical Workflows?

Hybridge’s patented post-surgical XD process, combined with the Hybridge eXact simply guided surgical system gives doctors the ability to provide their patients a simple way to a lasting smile, whether you’re new to full arch or an experienced full arch clinician.


Digital scans, photos and smile design using the Hybridge Smile Design App allow the lab to design the patient’s ideal smile right from the start.


Connect with our team to review and approve your guided bone reduction and implant planning, and ensure you have everything you need for your patient’s upcoming surgery.

eXact Surgery
& Provisional

Use the eXact Simply Guided System to ensure ideal bone reduction and exacting implant placement. You have the option to do a simple PMMA conversion so your patient leaves with a fixed provisional and a beautiful smile.

XD Scan

Hybridge’s XD (Express Digital) approach uses just simple intra-oral scans to capture tissue and implant position so the lab can create the final prosthesis. A simple, exacting process – and uses your current IOS scanner - no additional equipment is necessary.


Deliver the most passive, cleansable, adjustable prosthesis, giving your patients not just a beautiful smile, but transforming their lives.
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