Hybridge Advanced Full Arch Techniques CE Course Outline

1. The Hybridge Initial Records Process and Smile Design

Learn to use a comprehensive, initial records process to create the ideal smile design that will follow each case through surgery to the final prosthesis, eliminating tedious verification, try-in and set-up appointments typical of other conventional full arch techniques.

2. Fully Guided Surgery Using the Hybridge eXact Simply Guided Surgical System
Understand the concepts for ideal pre-surgical planning that lead to the appropriate prosthetic space and precise implant placement. Learn how to use the components of the Hybridge eXact fully guided surgical system that will provide you with an exacting bone reduction guide, osteotomy guide and immediate fixed-provisional.

3. Reduce Appointments and Chair Time with the Hybridge eXact XD Restorative Protocol
In just one appointment post-implant placement, with just a CBCT scan and the Hybridge smile design communication tools, the immediate fixed-provisional is used as the prosthetic template to create the ideal final prosthesis, which can be delivered in just weeks after surgery.

4. Handling Complications
Understand both surgical and restorative complications that can arise in this complex treatment and how to manage them to ensure ideal outcomes and patient satisfaction.

5. Managing Variations in Case Type
Utilize Hybridge’s templated Treatment Sequences that factor in case type variables such as – dentate vs edentulous, one-stage vs two-stage surgery, and existing denture conversion to Hybridge XD. Each treatment sequence provides the office with a roadmap for their cases, ensuring efficient scheduling, team clarity, and patient expectations throughout treatment.

Full Arch Dental Implant CE Course

Master the Hybridge eXact XD Protocol
Learn how to make Full Arch dental implant cases easily the most productive and predictable in your dental practice.

Create a clinical process within your practice that will exceed your patients’ expectations and leave them satisfied with not only the outcome, but with the ease of the eXact XD process.

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